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Aperture ValueF5.7
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Exposure Time1/180 sec
Max Aperture ValueF2.7
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Comment: These are the shops at the corner of Beaver Ave. & Allen St. The Growing Tree, sitting right on the corner, is the toy shop that I grew up with - most of my innumerable Lego sets came from that store!
15 * A typical view of Calder Way shops. * 612 x 408 * (47KB)

16 * The Shandygaff - the town's skankiest bar/club!  I must say that the design, however, is quite unique.  It took me about 15 years to recognize that the building was actually a giant beer tap.... * 408 x 612 * (37KB)

17 * This mural was constructed on New Year's Eve several years ago.  The bright blues stand out as quite a contrast to the red brick that most of the town's buildings are built with. * 612 x 408 * (42KB)

18 * This mural pays homage to all of our local homegrown heroes.  Don't ask me who most of them are, because I couldn't tell you!  I recognize about three people on this thing. * 612 x 408 * (50KB)

19 * This is a pretty cool-looking church along College Ave. * 612 x 408 * (32KB)

20.jpg - 612 x 408 - (35KB)
8/6/04 5:17 PM
21 * Central Parklet - the only park located within the downtown area, and home of the Little Lions (our highschool football team).  You can see the field in the background - it was actually built in a natural sinkhole! * 612 x 408 * (41KB)

22 * Now we journey up onto the Penn State campus.  This is the HUB, our student union building.  This lawn has been used over the years for innumerable games of Ultimate Frisbee! * 612 x 408 * (23KB)

23 * A view of the HUB from the front side.  Aren't those clouds lovely?  Typical State College weather.... * 612 x 408 * (28KB)

24 * Old Main, our university administrative building and the oldest building on campus.  This is where we staged our press conference when I was protesting for more clean energy at PSU! * 612 x 408 * (21KB)

25 * This is one of the demonic squirrels that live underground, worship in satanic rituals, and plot to take over the world. * 612 x 408 * (45KB)

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