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Comment: Pattee Library! A huge huge libarary, designed for students and faculty but utilized by the entire community.
27 * This statue of children playing adorns the lawn of the newly constructed alumni center. * 612 x 408 * (58KB)

28 * This Zen garden is also part of the lawn outside the new alumni center.  Rather peaceful, isn't it? * 408 x 612 * (55KB)

29 * This building is the brand new pride and joy of Penn State.  It houses classrooms for Information Technology students.  It connects two buildings across Atherton St., the main business road in town. * 612 x 408 * (35KB)

30 * This is the same building from another angle.  There is a walking bridge along the underside of the building so that students can cross the busy street safely.  Quite impressive, eh?  Quite ugly too, eh? * 612 x 408 * (23KB)

31 * This is my favorite building in all of State College - a fraternity house called Fiji that sits on the corner of two main streets on campus.  I wish it was my own house.... * 612 x 408 * (40KB)

32.jpg - 612 x 408 - (36KB)
8/6/04 3:14 PM
33 * Inside the library, a stuffed display of our university mascot, the Nittany lion.  I'll bet this was the last one ever to live in this area - no more mountain lions exist in Central Pennsylvania! * 612 x 408 * (30KB)

34 * And here is the famous Nittany Lion statue, a shrine to university pride and heritage. * 612 x 408 * (37KB)

35 * This is the Palmer Museum of art, a public gallery on campus.  Note the two gigantic lion paws adorning the entrance! * 612 x 408 * (26KB)

36 * The University Creamery!  Home to some of the best ice cream in the world. * 612 x 408 * (42KB)

37 * Our beloved Beaver Stadium, home of our nationally recognized football team, the Nittany Lions.  Sadly, having been inside this massive stadium made my experience inside the Roman Colloseum rather disappointing - Beaver Stadium is about 3 times larger!  It was designed to hold approximately 100,000 people - roughly the same figure as the population of State College - and is usually full on game days. * 612 x 408 * (23KB)

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