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Comment: Don't forget to say hi to my parents! I hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for visiting - hope to see you again soon!
55 * Soon you will cross Tadpole Rd. (pictured here), and you will know that you're almost there! * 612 x 408 * (31KB)

56 * This is the church on the corner of Tadpole Rd. and Whitehall Rd.  It used to house Fairbrook Church, but they built a new building (the one you just saw) several years ago.  Now this building is used by Seventh Day Adventists. * 612 x 408 * (30KB)

57 * A typical street sign - we're almost home! * 612 x 408 * (39KB)

58 * Here it is!  My parents' home on Whitehall Rd.  I spent the majority of my life living in this house, from birth. * 612 x 408 * (34KB)

59 * This is my dad's garden in our backyard. * 612 x 408 * (50KB)

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