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Welcome to Jon's Virtual State College Tour!
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00 * Welcome to a virtual tour of my hometown - State College, PA!  This map shows you just about everything that is relevant in downtown State College.  Basically, there's Penn State, and the small downtown, and that's it!  There's a lot more surrounding that, of course, but it's not as important.  This tour will start downtown, take you across campus, and out through the countryside, ending up at my parents' house.  I hope you enjoy the peek into the place where I grew up!  Enjoy. * 591 x 384 * (171KB)
01 * We start at the corner of West College Ave. and Atherton St., at the location of my apartment (well, it's not my apartment anymore, but it was my home for the last year).  Isn't it nice?  There are actually four apartments in this building, each on a different level.  I lived with 3 roommates in the first-floor apartment. * 408 x 612 * (33KB)
02 * This is just an interesting-looking house I found along Beaver Avenue.  It's a typical house design, but the people living here are a bit more patriotic than most! * 612 x 408 * (36KB)
03 * This is the State Theatre, the town's oldest theater building.  Originally a single-stage venue for local performing artists, recently it has been used to house two cinema screens.  After going bankrupt, a campaign started to grant the building historic status and restore it to its original design and function. * 408 x 612 * (26KB)
04 * The Diner!  A cute little retro diner with super-greasy food and poorly-treated workers, it's always our favorite food stop after playing frisbee golf into the wee hours of the morning.  After all, it's one of the few places in State College open around the clock! * 612 x 408 * (34KB)
05 * This is the Corner Room - the classic shot of downtown State College.  Sitting nicely on the corner of CCollege Ave. (the dividing line between Penn State campus and downtown State College) and Allen St. (the downtown's main commercial street), this restaurant marks the center of the downtown area. * 612 x 408 * (43KB)
06 * Welcome to the State College Farmer's Market.  Taking place every Friday afternoon from spring to fall, this market houses some of the best fresh produce from local farms.  What better way to meet some genuine Amish folk? * 612 x 408 * (40KB)
07 * ...the market can also be a good place to meet people and show off your pet rat, as my friend Tal demonstrates here! * 612 x 408 * (35KB)
08 * Ah, the Student Book Store - near and dear to every Penn State student's heart, mainly because they've been using the same radio jingle for all eternity!  It's the Big Blue on the Corner.... * 612 x 408 * (39KB)
09 * Baby's!  Another diner, this one with a true 1950's theme.  A really fun place to eat - where else can you be served burgers, fries, and shakes by waitresses in poodle skirts, bright lipstick, and mesh hair wraps? * 612 x 408 * (33KB)
10 * The Dorito church!  No, of course that's not it's real name, but doesn't it look just like a Dorito chip?! * 612 x 408 * (29KB)
11 * This is Beaver Canyon, so named because here the tallest buildings in town (student apartment highrises) line both sides of Beaver Avenue.  This is the notorious site of several small
12 * Now we find ourselves in Calder Alley, a nice little strip of shops running in between the parallel streets of College Ave. & Beaver Ave.  This art shop sits along a unique brick sidewalk - each brick in this sidewalk is engraved with the name of someone who contributed a large sum of money to help revitalize the downtown area.  One of my friends is listed somewhere underfoot! * 612 x 408 * (47KB)
13 * The pigs!  This statue commemorates our proud agricultural heritage. * 612 x 408 * (45KB)
14 * The India Pavilion - best Indian food in town!  You just can't beat their $6-for-all-you-can-eat lunch buffet! * 612 x 408 * (42KB)
15 * A typical view of Calder Way shops. * 612 x 408 * (47KB)
16 * The Shandygaff - the town's skankiest bar/club!  I must say that the design, however, is quite unique.  It took me about 15 years to recognize that the building was actually a giant beer tap.... * 408 x 612 * (37KB)
17 * This mural was constructed on New Year's Eve several years ago.  The bright blues stand out as quite a contrast to the red brick that most of the town's buildings are built with. * 612 x 408 * (42KB)
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