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Focal Length7.3 mm; equivalent: 35 mm
Aperture ValueF5.7
FlashFlash did not fire
Metering ModeAverage
Shutter Speed Value1/256 sec
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Exposure Bias Value0
Exposure Time1/350 sec
Max Aperture ValueF2.7
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Exif Version2.20
Exif Image Width2448 pixels
Exif Image Height1632 pixels
Color SpaceUndefined
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Comment: Cornfields! This is a very common sight once you get out of the downtown area.
42 * Across the street from the Uni-Mart is Harner Farm, a great local food store. * 612 x 408 * (38KB)

43 * Here's another view of Harner's.  The apples and corn they grow here are quite good. * 612 x 408 * (33KB)

44 * Fields of apple trees, with the mountains in the background.  State College lies in a valley (named Happy Valley, which in itself is a humorous story) amongst the Appalachian mountains - the ones pictured here are the Tusseys. * 612 x 408 * (28KB)

45 * Tractor crossing! * 408 x 612 * (43KB)

46 * Whitehall Road.  Long, pretty, and green!  I think you drive through about 10 different farms on this road on the way to my parents' house. * 612 x 408 * (21KB)

47.jpg - 612 x 408 - (34KB)
8/6/04 1:38 PM
48 * A typical house along Whitehall Rd.  Lots of open space, and a huge yard.  Nice mountains! * 612 x 408 * (24KB)

49 * Another typical house along Whitehall. * 612 x 408 * (25KB)

50 * This is Kocher Farm, a horse ranch very near to my parents' house. * 612 x 408 * (25KB)

51 * Say hello to my sister, Christy!  She is standing in front of the church where she runs her own preschool.  The name of the church is Fairbrook, just like my neighborhood. * 612 x 408 * (33KB)

52 * Greet the cows on your way by! * 612 x 408 * (47KB)

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